Cura Personalis

Druids know that they are in the right place – in the here and now, the world of our five senses. Druidry is not about escaping the realities of life; sorting the practicalities and living as a responsible person is par too the spiritual commitment. Underlying all is a deep-down gut feeling that celebrating every aspect of life is right. Working to earn a living, doing the chores, or making time to engage with nature, magic and transformation can all bring us in touch with the spiritual reality that is behind the apparent world. – Penny Billington, ‘The Path of Druidry’


Sapere Aude: Dare To Be Wise

Wisdom, like all things in life, is a journey. Dare to be wise, and make your own beginnings!

He that begins has half done. Dare to be wise: make a beginning.
He that puts off time for living to right purpose is like a clown
Waiting for the stream to flow by; but still flows that stream,
And still will flow, rolling on forever.


This is an element within both Druidry and all other aspects of most beliefs, but one of the most hardest to master. In fact, there are many who believe that one cannot love everyone, which comes the challenge. Love is practice, patience, and understanding. It’s allowing others to have their opinions no matter how negative…

Go Ask The Trees

You come to me On bended knee Begging, crying “Michael, please!” What question sleeps Beneath your whining Ask me, ask me please “What of my career, What’s your insight?” I smile and nod Go ask the trees Ask the waters Whisper to the flames Ask the earth What’s in your bones Listen to the winds…