Cura Personalis

Triads are a Druid’s best friend. Our reverence for nature is exemplified in triads, our ethics are in triads, and even this grove represents many triads. It should come as no wonder that a Druid should also take care of themselves in the form of a triad. Druidry is about the entire person: mind, spirit and body.

Cura Personalis means ‘care for the entire person’.  All of the person. Without focus on one aspect of yourself more than any other. Life is best enjoyed when all aspects are working in harmony together and balance is achieved.

Druids know that they are in the right place – in the here and now, the world of our five senses. Druidry is not about escaping the realities of life; sorting the practicalities and living as a responsible person is par too the spiritual commitment. Underlying all is a deep-down gut feeling that celebrating every aspect of life is right. Working to earn a living, doing the chores, or making time to engage with nature, magic and transformation can all bring us in touch with the spiritual reality that is behind the apparent world. – Penny Billington, ‘The Path of Druidry’

I suppose you could say that this is a friendly reminder that finding an exercise practice to excel at (be it yoga, be it fencing, be it boxing, be it any other practice) is just as important to your development as a Druid as reading about the Ogham or communing with your ancestors.

Learn. Grow. Exercise.



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