About The Authors

Basil (Michael) Greywood

Basil Greywood

OBOD Grade: Bardic

Tumblr: @thebasildruid

Personality: (I/E) NFJ — “The Protagonist and The Advocate”

“reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world”

Strongest Elemental Association: Earth (with a huge heart)

Strongest Awen Ray Association: Left, Creativity, Knowledge, Virtue, Mother, Summer, Early Fall

Sun Sign: Virgo — I am industrious, methodical, grounded, humble, easy-going, way too giving and efficient. My door and my heart are always open and my hearth is always warm.

Rising Sign: Cancer — I come across as a gentle soul, easily flustered when speaking in public but very approachable. I appreciate structure and stability. I am caring, understanding and encouraging.

Muin (Grapevine, vitis vinifera)

Ogham Association: Grapevine, Spirit of Water: “insight, inspiration, the harvest”

Color Association: Earthy Browns and Greens, Yellow

Animal Association: Deer, Elk, Moose, Owls, Cows, Robin, Bear… and the list goes on.

Spirit Guides: Not sure yet, but I have been having a lot of Spirit Dreams recently.

About Me: I am a welder and a poet. Taking a black-smithing apprenticeship, and have dreams of using these skills to create art one day. I am 25, and as hobbit like as man could be. I’ve dreams of building a cob house in the next five years and have lain down the plans for this dream. I am always willing to answer any questions posed of me. I drink far too much coffee, dream big, and work hard.

Favorite Quote: “Those who aspire to lees accomplish less. There can be no doubt.It is better.I think, to grab at the stars than to sit flustered because you know you cannot reach them. At least he who reaches will get a good stretch.a good view, and perhaps even a low hanging apple for his efforts.” – Sojourn by R.A. Salvatore as spoken by Montolio Debrouchee (Mooshie)

Selene Blackwell

Selene Blackwell
Selene Blackwell

OBOD Grade: Ovate Grade

Tumblr: @seleneblackwell

Personality: (I/E) NTJ — “The Architect and The Commander”

“with effort, intelligence and consideration, nothing is impossible”

Strongest Elemental Association: Water (with quite a bit of fire)

Strongest Awen Ray Association: Right, Wisdom, Power, Crone, Winter, Late Fall

Sun Sign: Cancer, Degree: 7° 19′ — I can be emotional yet highly aware of everything around me and not completely comfortable with those emotions, either.

Duir (Oak)

Rising Sign: Aquarius 13° 34′  — I come across as idealistic, altruistic, detached, independent, original, surprising, gifted, contradictory, innovative, humanistic, likeable, friendly, self-confident, impassive, quiet, intuitive, creative, charitable, elusive, disconcerting, generous, tolerant, paradoxical, and you cannot stand any kind of constraint. But I may also be distant, utopian and cold.

Quert (Apple)

Ogham Association: Oak, Fire of Fire: “endurance, established strength and power, maturity, nobility, protective force of goodwill.” Apple, Earth of Fire: “easy connection to the otherworld”

Color Association: Gray-Blue/White/Silver

Animal Association: Wolf, {and I keep drawing The Bee in my Oracle readings…which makes sense because I enjoy and appreciate order.}

Spirit Guides: Yes, three that have been with me since childhood.

About Me: My family crest has the words ‘Spectemur Agendo’ written on it, meaning ‘Let Us Be Judged By Our Acts’. I am 26, a Nurse Practitioner with multiple certificates, a philosopher, a writer and a life-long student of the sciences and the arts. I’ve been studying Druidry for about eight years now but only recently started the OBOD training course. I believe there is such a thing as a stupid question, especially when the internet and the library are so full of answers (both legitimate and illegitimate). So do your fucking research! Read, learn and then come to me and we’ll have an in-depth discussion about any topic you’d like. I would enjoy that immensely.

3 Rules I Strive To Live By: Know Thyself. Don’t Lie To Yourself. Don’t Use Clichés.

Favorite Quote: “When you die, only three things will remain of you, since you will abadon all materal things on the threshold of the Otherworld: what you have taught to others, what you have created with your hands and how much love you’ve spread. So learn more and more in order to teach wise, long-lasting values. Work more and more to leave to the world things of great beauty. And love, love love people around you for the light of love heals everything.” – François Bourillon, French Druid Triad

Elm Dealandé

Elm Dealandé

OBOD Grade: Free Spirit.

Tumblr: @of-pixie-dust

Personality: (I/E) NFP — “The Campaigner and The Mediator”

“fiercely independent, searching for a deeper meaning while fighting for a cause”

Strongest Elemental Association: Air (with quite a bit of fire)

Strongest Awen Ray Association: Center, Love, Balance, Youth, Spring, Early Summer, Late Winter

Sun Sign: Libra 17°23′  — I am cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, social and I sincerely dislike violence, injustice, loudmouths and conformity.

Gort (Ivy)

Rising Sign: Sagittarius  1°47′ — I am  charismatic, fiery, energetic, likeable, benevolent, tidy, jovial, optimistic, extraverted, amusing, straightforward, demonstrative, charming, independent, adventurous, straightforward, bold, exuberant and freedom-loving. But I may also be selfish and reckless.

Ogham Association: Ivy, Fire of Water: “Tenacious purpose, adaptability, ruthless survival instinct and indirect progress.” Rowan: “true character, honesty, and communication”

Luis (Rowan)

Color Association: Sky Blue/Orange

Animal Association: Bear, Wren, Giant Fae Rabbit {and previously Ravens which assisted me but were just there for that timeframe}.

Spirit Guides: Yes, one and multiple Fae that have shown up here and there for years now.

About Me: I’m a 24 year old who is currently attending college for a Dual Degree in Forensic Science and Criminal Justice. I have yet to enroll in the OBOD course due to financial issues, yet I have been heavily reading and studying Druidry through books and resources available to everyone. I incorporate Fae work into my Druid path and do my best to learn all I can on my own before I enroll in the OBOD! I’m independent, a survivor, and I try to be the light in the darkness.

Favorite Quote: “Sometimes, when chaos burns like wildfires all around us: we have no choice but to fall in love with the warmth.’ – Christopher Poindexter