This is an element within both Druidry and all other aspects of most beliefs, but one of the most hardest to master. In fact, there are many who believe that one cannot love everyone, which comes the challenge.

Love is practice, patience, and understanding. It’s allowing others to have their opinions no matter how negative or hateful, and still accepting them. It’s knowing that people will never see eye to eye on most situations; that ethnicity, religion, past, mistake, career, gender, or sexuality holds no sway over accepting them as they are.

We forget that love isn’t what others want to hear, but what they need to hear. It does not have to be kind, but honest. You are allowed to not agree with someone, or have different opinions and life views. They are allowed to hate you and betray you. Yet love is standing firm and still welcoming them with open arms.

This does not mean that you cannot stand up for yourself. Abuse is never okay, nor is any harm done to you. Do not turn love into weakness, but into a weapon. Leave an unhealthy relationship, stand up to bullies, seek help when you need it, and do not take shit… but remember that does not mean you can’t love. And that’s one of the hardest things in life and one of the most purest forms of love; forgiveness.

If the earth has taught me anything, is that she still gives to us. We take and take from her everyday, but she does not judge or condemn us. She gives us her love by providing for us… loves us. And I think it’s a trait we often look over. So love and be loved, and forgive those who have done you wrong. Live with closure and with peace, for this is a practice the world needs more of.

Let it start with you.

  • Elm

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