Astral Group Meditation Experiment

Selene Blackwell and Elm Dealandé set out to test if it possible to meet another witch, on purpose, in astral while you are both meditating; the objective of the experiment was to confirm that both witches remember the experience in the same or very similar manner.

A Witch is defined a person of any race, creed, religion, orientation, gender, or culture who has the ability to sense their own and/or other spirit energy.

Witch #1: Selene Blackwell

Witch #2: Elm Dealandé

Controlled variables: Astral Location, Incense Utilized: Jasmine Blossom, physical room set up and Same Pre-Ritual prior to meditation, Grounding Stone, Clear Quartz to assist in meditation, Safety wards, Basil Greywood as a non-biased intermediary.

Manipulated Variable: The Leaving of Objects within the Astral, Astral Meeting of Elm and Selene.

Responding Variable: Frequency of energy color within the astral space, Frequency of our own bodies, Energy experienced while in astral that changes and reacts due to us and what we experience.

Step 1: Identify a neutral area within the astral to meet up. Witch #1 gave it a name which she then told to Witch #2. Witch #1 and Witch #2 travel there separately and are able to identify the area and describe it in a similar manner to Basil Greywood without talking to each other about the location. Step 1 completed on 2/13/17.

Step 2: Have Witch #2 Identify an object left by Witch #1. Utilize Basil Greywood as a non-biased intermediary. Witch #1 will tell Basil what they left and Witch #2 will tell Basil what they found and Basil will let the witches know if what they left and what they found are the same. Completed on 2/13/17.

Step 3: Repeat the process in reverse. Witch #2 will identify an object left by Witch #1, using Basil as an intermediary. Completed on 2/14/17.

Step 4: Both witches meditate at the same time at the same astral location. Completed on 2/18/17.

Results from Step 2:

Selene to Basil 2/13/17 at 2118hr: 

“This is what I saw. I came up from the deep of the ocean and saw light between two pillars of stone still deep underwater. I swam between the stone and emerged from the water into a pool about 30 x 16 ft. There was a ledge of rock and as I swam over to it I realized I was in a cove, a cavern of sorts. There was flat rock in a semicircle and then walls on all sides like a cave but the ceiling was higher and there was light coming in from an opening at the top which faced the sea. I’m not sure what was facing the other way, I couldn’t get up that high. The flat rock surface looked like it had been weathered down by years and years of water which had since receded to the pool in which I now lay. This was a sacred area, full of power. A Nematon. A meeting place of both sea, stone, sky. I left Elm a Conch Shell in the middle of the cavern.”

Elm to Basil 2/14/17 at 1420hr:

“So what I saw was a cavern, it was a nice sized opening on the top. Very much in a mountain and as I flew I noticed there was a cave leading inside. However I flew to the top and sure enough, that was where I entered. Flew down, and what I really remember most was that it was very cool and damp. Rocky and some moss here and there. For me everything was in like a dark blueish hue. Saw a small pool of water nearby and then another opening where I assume the cave led out. By some rocks I saw a seashell, but I couldn’t tell what kind. I know it’s white, but my brain was shifting it between a Conch Shell and the normal little fan looking ones.”

Results from Step 3:

Elm left a brown feather above a cairn. Selene found a white feather above a cairn with a gold tip on it. Both were described in the same size, weight, location and position as each other according to Basil Greywood. The only difference was the color. Color, as light energy, is determined by frequency/wavelength. Discussion was had regarding the difference in frequency and if it would pose a problem during Step 4. Both Selene and Elm took this opportunity to go to the neutral astral location at separate times and work on obtaining more comfort and “solidity” with astral traveling.

Results from Step 4:

The results showed that Elm Dealandé and Selene Blackwell were able to identify the same astral location utilizing it’s name alone, were able to correctly identify the objects left by each other at this astral location. They were also able to have the same experience during their meet up in astral. The result supported the hypothesis that two living witches are capable of meeting up in astral at the same time on purpose with the same memories of what was said and happened.

Selene Blackwell’s experience within the astral meetup on 2/18/17 at 2000hr:

“I received a text from Elm which verified our joint meditation time for 8pm today. No discussion was had regarding what we hoped to experience during the astral meet up. I travelled via the ocean from my private Grove to the neutral meetup. I always tend to travel by water, I web my feet and my hands and make my clothing tight to the skin so I can swim better. I didn’t sense any other presence when I arrived at the meet up so I shook off some of the water and lit a fire to help dry me off. It wasn’t long until I felt an energy, a presence, from the top of the cavern and looked up to see Elm flying in. She had vibrant red hair, slightly curly and a green flowy dress that started down her shoulders. She had white wings, but the sun was shining right on her so she looked really sparkly at first. I remember being very aware of my body at this point in the physical and in the astral and my heart palpitated four times. I haven’t had a heart palpitation in months but I got so excited at actually sensing her energy and seeing her that I just about exploded with excitement. Next thing I know she’s bouncing all up and down in place and I can’t hear her saying anything but she’s doing a dance of joy so I know she’s seen me too. I say hello and after a minute I hear here say hello too. I ask her how her day was but I’m having a really tough time communicating with her. I asked her what she did today but I have to focus on her face really well and even then I feel like I need to yell what I’m trying to say straight at her face and very slowly. I could tell she was concentrating on me just as hard and she nodded and started talking but it was all garbly like I was below water and she was above water.  At the end of her talking I heard very clearly the words “ummm… so delicious!” and that was the only part of that conversation I heard clearly. I watched Elm stretch her wings for a while and noticed she only stayed in the light and never went into the shadow and wet area of the cavern where I enjoyed staying. I like things dark and wet. I saw the cairne still on the right side of the cavern with her feather still over it.  I was having trouble staying in meditation so I decided to leave but as soon as I jumped in the water I heard “Selene! Get … back here!” and it took me straight out of the water and I jumped up, laughed and hugged Elm and felt her energy on my left side and felt her wings around me. She was very very warm. I came quickly right out of the astral travel by the same way I entered.”

Elm’s experience within the astral meetup on 2/18/17 at 2000hr:

“I texted Selene a ‘ready when you are’ and then started meditating. I flew into the cavern but I’m a bit claustrophobic so I stayed in the areas of sunlight. It’s my police training, I have to have a way out even in astral. I’ve got a medium green dress on, flowy. I saw Selene standing there with her black wet suit legging things with a wet shirt with fishnetting around her torso like a fashion accessory. She had webbed feet and hands. I felt her energy and her belly was getting all butterfly like and then the fluttering was felt in my heart but it was her energy and then her head just burst with excitement and energy and adrenaline and I felt it coming off of her and got so excited and started jumping up and down with her excitement! I also noticed that when I focused on her, my surroundings would get blurry but when I tried to focus on the surroundings, she grew blurry. I said hello to her and I think she asked something about what I was eating so I described to her my dinner, it is so delicious! While I was trying to hear what she was saying (though it was like a gurgling sound as if she was talking underwater) I glanced over to the side and noticed Hound (who I’m pretty sure is like a Guardian and dear friend of mine) and a Wolf. They weren’t doing anything, but were simply sitting and watching us.  The cavern was cramped and getting to me so I stretched my wings for a while but when I came back she was gone so I called her back with a “Selene! Get your ass back over here!” And next thing I know I’m in the middle of a very cold wet hug and I feel her energy all over my right side. Ugh! So wet! And that was the end of the meditation for me.”

Uncertainties, Errors, & New Questions

  • There was a lot of difficulty within the verbal communication in astral. Did the wards we have placed on both sides, for our own safety in the astral, block us from communicating by distorting the verbal vibrations as they went from one witch to another? Would written communication work better than verbal in astral? Was the problem with the communication due to our own inexperience with group astral travel?
  • Regarding the difference in color of the feather in Step 3. Gold has a wavelength of 589 nm whereas brown has a wavelength of between 600 to 650 nm. These are relatively close, this color discrepancy was deemed to be insignificant to our final experiment but a worthy avenue of question and investigation into the nature of energy. Why was there a difference in color of the feather? Elm postulated that the difference was because she had been playing around with white and gold feathers beforehand and hadn’t locked in the brown feather in her mind before she placed it. Selene postulated that perhaps our own differences in energy were reflecting off the feather making it appear different colors to different people who saw it. Basil postulated that it could be both of those things or neither and that we would need further experimentation to determine what exactly is going on.
  • Elm’s personal uncertainty was in her own ability to be a good meditation partner due to her own inexperience with astral travel. Elm has a lot of experience with the fae and astral traveling but not in formal witchcraft education.
  • Selene’s personal uncertainty was in the very possibility of meeting another witch in the astral. Selene’s lack of faith in this being logical or possible could have effected this experiment towards not working, due to this much effort was taken to be as open minded as possible. The results bring into sharp relief just how much we do not know about our universe. If, as the results show, two living humans are capable of meeting up in astral and having the same experience then what does that mean for the composition of energy? What does that mean for our world? What does that mean for magic and what witches are capable of? What does that mean for witchcraft within the astral? What does that mean for possible expansion of witch meetings within the astral who are incapable of meeting up in the physical realm? How could becoming well versed in astral meet-ups effect the practice of modern witchcraft?

*A very, very large THANK YOU to Basil Greywood for being our non-biased intermediary to help us maintain quality within this experiment. And a large thank you to Elm Dealandé for being my meditation partner, you were more than enough and I look forward to meeting up with you again in Astral and working on our communication ability. *




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