Guided Imagery Meditation: Imbolc

Enter into the meditative state.

There is a door in front of you, down into dark black, clean caverns where the air is clear and sacred clear water drips down the sides of the black walls. You feel safe, strong, grounded, like there is no negativity that could ever enter this cavern. Plant your hands on the black wall of the cavern, feel the underground water trickle over your fingertips and sense the strength of the rock around you. Let any negativity you have flow out of your palms and flow away with the water droplets, Let the calm peace, the silent strength of the earth fill you. {Take three breaths and say Aye when you are ready to continue.}

You follow the simple path in front of you back up again, there is light and an opening. You walk out into the middle of a snow laden dark gray wood forest and tall trees all around you. Looking ahead there is an indigo wool blanket waiting for you. You walk towards the blanket and sit on it, finding that though it is laying on the white snow all around you it is warm and you are at peace.

{Take a deep breath and breath in the fresh winter air.}

You look up and see tall trees of pine, ash and rowan, the dark grey sky of winter. There is snow on the ground and you feel the wind on your face but sense the cold but it is not bitting and you are very comfortable as you sit on your blanket. There is a stillness and anticipation in the air, you look forward and then you see her… walking through the trees towards you. The crone of winter, covered in her gray and white cloak has come, a crown of wisdom and knowledge is on her brow. She does not see you and says nothing but leans wearily against an ash tree as the sun begins to peak through the clouds. You look up to the sky as the sun comes through the dark grey clouds as the whole world becomes enveloped in a bright white light. You look again to the crone but find the white of the sun shining off of her in a burning fire. There is white light all around you and you feel re-freshed, re-newed, re-born with the earth. {Breathe in deeply the light of spring}. The sun goes behind the clouds again but look, the crone has been reborn into the young fire goddess, she has woken up with the brilliance of her fire manifested as white light and with snow-water she is purification itself. Sense the energy that flows from her open arms as she blesses the sky and the land and the sea around her. Feel her unbridled warm spirit. She is fate, the sudden change, renewing the focus of the earth towards life. Small flowers creep up between the snowdrops all around you. The fire goddess turns towards you, her eyes bright and a quick smile on her face. She says “We have come to the time of the year’s quickening, the first stirrings of spring in the womb of earth, the rising light of spring emerging from the creative waters, for I am the flame of the altar that never dies.”

An Indigo light surrounds you. Take a deep breath in and out. Stay here as long as you wish.

Begin to exit the meditative state. You are once again at home, in your body. You feel refreshed, you feel strong, you feel renewed, you feel encouraged. Take a deep breath in and out. Feel your toes and your fingers, feel your own energy as it has been blessed with the creativity spark of the fire goddess. Take a deep breath in and out and open your eyes. Be in the present and may the present be blessed with the life of spring.


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