A Devotional Poem

So long in winter I have been
Buried deep beneath earth’s skin
And now at last I grow again
Finding souls, to my own akin

While covered low in earthen soil
My soul did grow amidst turmoil
And when Summer’s sun did boil
I woke to such great spoils

Once an acorn I began to grow
My roots dug deep beneath the snow
And despite winter’s harsh blow
I’m sprouting now, love I now know

For so long I thought myself alone
But now in friendship I have grown
Seeds of a future bright, I’ve sown
Community like this I’ve ne’er known

Now I grow amongst a garden vast
Nurturing knowledge from ancient past
Tomorrow is no longer just a forecast
A Grove I have found, formed at last

Gather the witches, ancient power
Gather the Druids, this peaceful hour
Beneath the trees, our protective tower
We plant the seeds of this garden’s flower

Grow acorns, into oaken tree!
Blossom buds, and roses be!
By power of earth, sky and sea!
Love, wisdom, creativity!

Fill this heart with love so bright
Fill my mind with Awen’s light
Give to me wise foresight
To lead my Grove through winter’s night

Though it may be winter still
And my skin feels it’s chill
Within my soul, love shall fill
And come spring that love will spill

Grow deep my roots, into the earth
That I may feel a great rebirth
And share with the world great new mirth
And know inside my own worth

That in spring my branches reach high
Into the sunny or starlit sky
And there my soul will never die
And with the All I’ll forever fly

-a devotional poem for a winter of personal growth-



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